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October K-Drama OST Spotlight

October is completely spoiling us with so many amazing Drama OST songs, and we are only just halfway through the month! Not that we are complaining of course, as someone great probably once said… “Bring it on!”

We have a lot of male vocal talent bringing the dramas to life so far this month, and it is fantastic! Let’s get straight into some of the ones we are loving the most right now.

Eric Nam – Before the Sunset (Mad Dog OST)

Eric Nam, not only is his smile deadly, his vocal cords can and will most likely melt you. We haven’t seen any of Mad Dog yet, but if this is the caliber of the music in the show there is no doubt it is going to be an incredible drama!

Jung Yu-Ji – 별그림 (Because This Is My First Life OST)

The ex-vocalist of the girl group BESTie lends her voice to the first song in this new drama’s soundtrack. This song is so fun and vibrant, we can promise you’ll be singing along after your first listen (We certainly were!), and every time it comes up in the drama.

Heejun Han – Hug You (Autumn Sonata OST)

Once again Heejun Han has blessed our ears with his amazing vocal talents. He perfectly conveys a sense of longing into this song…technically this is for a movie, not a drama, but we just had to include it anyway, cause it is so good!

Takada Kenta – When You Call Me Feat. Lee Do-Hoon (Borg Mom OST)

Two great voices on an amazing OST track. JBJ hasn’t even debuted yet, and Takada Kenta is already making a name for himself as a strong solo artist. Borg Mom wasn’t very high up on our to watch list, but after this song, maybe we should already be watching it!

Suzy – I Love you Boy (While You Were Sleeping OST)

Not only does Suzy star as the leading lady of this amazing drama, she also lends her incredible voice to its soundtrack. From start to finish this song is a masterpiece, and we will definitely be listening to this emotional track outside of the drama very frequently!

Kim Yong-Jin – One Day (Dal Soon’s Spring OST)

Bohemian’s vocal powerhouse Kim Yong-Jin makes you fall in love with every song he sings, the emotion in his voice is incredible. After one listen we were already near tears. Go ahead and check it out, it won’t be hard to see why we just had to feature him on this list.

Eddy Kim – When Night Falls (While You Were Sleeping OST)


Every single song for this drama makes you want to go watch it immediately, and Eddy Kim’s is no exception. The power in the instruments mixed with the raw emotion in his voice, lead to a ballad that just soars. From start to finish, this song is simply incredible.

Here are some more tracks that caught our attention, we highly reccomend you check them out.

This month has already had so many incredible soundtrack songs, and we know there are going to be many more to come! We’ll be sure to let you know later in the month what some of the best have been!

What are your favourite drama ost songs so far from October? Are any of them on our list? Let us know!

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Featured Image Source: © Nichkun Magic School, JTBC, 14.10.2017,

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