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Music Release Roundup (February 2017)

Are you running out of music to listen to this month? Don’t fear, because the Music Release Roundup for February 2017 is here! We have picked a good mixture of songs for our readers to look into for February. This edition will feature tracks by K.A.R.D, the Wonder Girls, DEAN, Jessi, Lydia Lee, Taeyeon, PERC%NT, Kim Jin Ho and Sleepy.

K.A.R.D – ‘Don’t Recall’

Co-ed group K.A.R.D have comeback with a slightly different concept in ‘Don’t Recall’. This track is still in keeping with the tropical house genre with a hint of synthpop, but it is the catchy instrumental that was teased before the release that really makes this song. Making the point dance coincide with this section was a great decision, as everything comes together at these parts. It was also good to see that they changed up the roles of the members, with BM doing some singing and Jiwoo rapping this time. A solid release that will please fans of K.A.R.D! This group are currently doing well in catching the attention of international fans, so we hope they continue to release great songs and gain success domestically in Korea too. Highly recommended!

Bonus: For anyone has a keen eye for analysis and subtle details of MVs, you may like to watch this video analysis of K.A.R.D’s MV by Dream Teller! This video was uploaded onto DSP’s official channel which continues their strategy of supporting Youtubers that help spread the word about the group.

The Wonder Girls-Draw Me

We had to feature the Wonder Girls in this Music Release Roundup as a nod to all that they have achieved in the music industry. They released their last song together in February 2017. Titled ‘Draw Me’, this track served both as a final thank you to fans and to commemorate their 10 year anniversary. Sadly, there was not even a montage video for ‘Draw Me’ but listening to the track reminds us of the talent that we will not see together in that capacity again. This easy-listening song has some beautiful harmonies and hints of that reggae sound we saw from the rebooted group during their previous comeback. We say a fond farewell to the Wonder Girls.

DEAN feat. Baek Yerin-‘Come Over’

DEAN has been gaining a lot of traction since the time we first featured him on the blog! In ‘Come Over’, he further extends his list of collaborators. This time around, Baek Yerin features, with both of their vocals amalgamating into a smooth blend with this contemporary R&B track. This is a lighter offering than DEAN’s previous work, but it in no terms diminishes in quality. The track is part of a single album called ‘Limbo’ which is overall based on an idea of revisiting memories in a dream and then waking up. The former part is conveyed with the other song on the album, titled ‘The Unknown Guest’, so check that one out too!

Jessi-‘Don’t Make Me Cry’

Rapper and vocalist, Jessi, most famous for her tough image and Unpretty Rapstar (‘this is a competition’) speech, released ‘Don’t Make Me Cry’. A departure from her rap tracks, this song is full of soul. Jessi has an imposing presence which comes through on ‘Don’t Make Me Cry’, and it’s to her credit to put out a song that isn’t a carbon copy of her previous releases. If you are interested in Jessi’s vocals, check this one out!

Lydia Lee-‘Blue’

Did you watch Lydia Lee’s viral cover of Adele’s Hello? This student was suddenly thrust into the limelight when her cover video unexpectedly took the world by storm! It led to a television appearance on the Ellen show and paved the way for the beginnings of a musical career for Lydia. Despite her young age, she exudes a maturity and eloquence that is beyond her years. Her debut single is called ‘Blue’. Having spent a lot of time living abroad and undertaking international education, she decided that she could express herself best by singing in English. ‘Blue’ is a heartfelt and an aspirational piece of pop. Highly recommended!

Taeyeon-‘I Got Love’

After a slight delay, ‘I Got Love’ was eventually released! Taeyeon expands her repertoire by tackling a song that integrates blues and jazz with R&B. Some may find the song divisive due to its lack of chorus and experimental drop but we think it’s a good thing that Taeyeon is comfortable enough to try her hand at different styles. Taeyeon’s voice manages to sound sultry and hypnotising here, and is convincing in this kind of track. The MV demonstrates a change-up in terms of her clothing and makeup style too, so have a look!


PERC%NT were a new discovery for us, and we’d like to bring their song ‘Snowball’ to our readers attention. PERC%NT are able to utilise both rap and vocals well here. It’s a feelgood track, with an intriguing music video. Who said chemistry couldn’t be fun? Watch it yourselves below!

Kim Jin Ho-‘Graduation Picture’

Kim Jin Ho won us over with the sentiment of his song ‘Graduation Picture’. He possesses a voice that can be both sorrowful and powerful, which is perfect for this track. A celebration of friendship and childhood memories is played out in the animated MV, and it was a lovely touch to show a few real photographs at the end. The MV is a must watch!

Sleepy-‘Body Lotion’

We noticed that we hadn’t featured many rap/hiphop tracks lately, so we chose something from last year to add to our roundup for those looking for something of that ilk! Sleepy makes this uptempo dreamy track his own with his vocals and rap. It’s a catchy one! Bang Yong Guk also features and Giriboy does some fantastic producing work here too.

That takes us to the end of this February 2017 edition of the Music Release Roundup! Did you discover a song that you liked? We hope that you continue to enjoy reading, be sure to return to the blog for our March edition!

Featured image source: © K.A.R.D Project Vol.2 “Don’t Recall” New Release D-5. DSP Media. 19.02.2017. K.A.R.D official Twitter.

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