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March K-Pop Idol Birthdays!

We are excited to announce that the theme of this month’s CULTURE box is K-Pop. Therefore, we thought that it would be a good idea to share which idols are celebrating their birthday this month! Here is a list of just a few of our favourite idols.

1st March – Monsta X’s Wonho

wonho birthday

Image Source: © official_monsta_x Instagram, 28.02.17,

Today is bad boy Wonho’s birthday! The visual lead vocalist will be turning 24 today. Hopefully his members will cook him one of his favourite foods – ramen!

3rd March – Apink’s Chorong

Image Source: © Plan A Entertainment, 28.02.17,

Turning 26 on Friday is Apink’s Chorong! We really love this cute girl group who were very active in the first half of last year on tour. Let’s hope that the leader gets a bit of rest today.

5th March – Red Velvet’s Yeri

Image Source: 28.02.17,

Officially becoming an adult this year is maknae Yeri! Although she was a late addition to Red Velvet in 2015, she’s really fit in well. We couldn’t imagine the group without her! Hopefully her members give her an unforgettable 18th birthday celebration.

6th March – AOA’s Choa

Image Source: © FNC Entertainment, 28.02.17,

Cutie Choa is turning 27! Girl group AOA really started 2017 off with a bang and to us, Choa still looks just as young as when they debuted. We wish her a happy and healthy year ahead!

9th March – BTS’ Suga

Image Source: © BigHit Entertainment, 28.02.17,

Down to earth and talented rapper Suga will be celebrating his 24th birthday. With the ‘You Never Walk Alone’ repackage promotions coming to an end, we hope that Suga can enjoy a bit more relaxation time.

13th March – Infinite’s L

Image Source: © Woollim Entertainment, 28.02.17,

Celebrating their 25th birthday is member L of boy group Infinite! It’s been too long since we last heard from this boy group. We’ll be anticipating their next comeback so fingers crossed that it’s soon!

24th March – TWICE’s Mina

Image Source: © JYP Entertainment, 28.02.17,

Japanese vocalist and dancer Mina will be turning 20! Having recently released hit single ‘Knock Knock’, the group has been enjoying huge success. With any luck, TWICE will win some more awards with their album as an early birthday present to Mina!

26th March – EXO’s Xiumin

Image Source: 28.02.17,

Oldest member of hot boy group EXO will soon be 27 years old! He’s been able to do so much over the past 12 months, including act in historical movie ‘Seondal: The Man who sells the River’. Let’s hope his members give him the respect he deserves today.

28th March – GOT7’s Jackson

Image Source: © Grazia, 28.02.17,

Lively and loveable rapper Jackson has his birthday this month as well! Having recently released a beautiful teaser for their comeback ‘Flight Log: Arrival’, it’s likely that his 23rd birthday will be busy with promotions. But that doesn’t mean he won’t be able to at least have some birthday cake, right?

29th March – Red Velvet’s Irene

Image Source: 28.02.17,

Yet another birthday to celebrate in this five-member girl group! This time it’s leader Irene, who will be turning 26 years old. Perhaps Yeri and Irene will have a joint celebration?

That’s all from us! Is your favourite idol celebrating their birthday this month, or does one have the same birthday as you? Let us know!

Featured Image Source: 28.02.17,

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