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Taeyeon Why – K-MUSIC REVIEW

Last weekend the first music video ‘Starlight’ was released a few days before the full comeback ‘Why’, which also has a song and MV of the same name. We’re certain the title track will be a summer anthem this year which is why we’ve chosen to review it!

The opening scene shows Taeyeon sitting on a sun lounger, trying to solve a puzzle lock. Instrumental music plays in the background before it launches into the main song. The MV is set in California, where we follow Taeyeon as she has fun in the sun by herself. We couldn’t help but feel jealous of everything she got up to, from skateboarding to sunbathing!

In terms of outfits, Taeyeon’s fashion was really on point. Not just in Why, but across the whole comeback. They perfectly reflect her album’s concept of having fun, but also being independent and not letting a relationship stop you from doing what you want.

As for the storyline, we aren’t absolutely certain but we do know that both music videos are interlinked. For example there is a cutscene of ‘Starlight’ that plays towards the end of ‘Why’. For us, the end is the most ambiguous part where she lays down pictures of her and Dean, who features in Starlight, by some flowers on the beach. We think that he did die at the end of Starlight and Taeyeon spends her time in Why completing their couple ‘bucket list’ on her own, showing she can still be happy without him.

There’s nothing we don’t like about Taeyeon’s comeback, so ‘Why’ wouldn’t you want to buy her album?

Still not convinced? Watch ‘Why’ here!


Featured Image Source: SM Entertainment, 4.07.16,

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  • Kalin
    2 years ago

    I can’t believe I neglected to listen to her comeback until now! It is really wonderful!

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