Top 5 Sad Films That Are Guaranteed To Make You Cry

Top 5 Korean Movies That Are Guaranteed To Make You Cry

Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s just really refreshing to have a good old cry! Korean directors are without doubt the masters of melodrama, so if you’re in the mood to bawl your eyes out, check out our incredible line-up of miserably-wonderful movies which are bound to get you reaching for the tissues. Get ready for some serious sniffles and enjoy these classic weepies. ㅠㅠ

1. A Moment to Remember – 내 머리 속의 지우개 (2004)

A usual boy meets girl story – Kim Su-jin (Son Ye-jin) and Choi Chul-soo (Joong Woo-sung) fall deeply in love. The film however, takes a dramatic turn when their relationship is placed under the stress of a life-changing diagnosis. A Moment to Remember is Korean melodrama at its best – heart-breakingly romantic and devastatingly beautiful.


2. An Ode To My Father – 국제시장 (2014)

When Ode To My Father was released, it was an instant box office success, becoming the second highest grossing film in Korean cinematic history! Focusing on the hardships following the Korean war, the movie hit a distinct cord with the sentiments of audiences across the country. This is a modern Korean cinematic classic that will take you on such a journey and guarantee tears.


3. A Werewolf Boy – 늑대소년 (2012)

If Song-Joong-ki’s beautiful puppy eyes don’t make you well-up with tears, then nothing else will. Hoping that being in the great outdoors will help her lung illness, Soon Yi (Park Bo-young) moves back to to a cottage she lived in as a child, but soon memories of a mysterious boy she once knew come rushing back. Make sure to watch this supernatural love story – it’ll have you in floods of tears.


4. Miracle in Cell No.7 – 7번방의 선 (2013)

I bet you never thought a comedy-drama would make the list, but trust me when I say that the trailer doesn’t do this film justice. Yong-goo (Ryu Seong-ryong), a mentally-impaired father is accused of a serious crime. Unable to handle the separation from his daughter, his inmates try to sneak her in. This truly touching father-daughter tale which balances a heavy subject matter with comedy is utterly and skillfully heartbreaking.


5. Always – 오직 그대만 (2011)

Always was the opening film at the prestigious Busan International Film Festival in 2011. Starring Han Hyo-joo and So Ji-yub, the film centres on the relationship of a blind call centre worker and retired boxer. Whilst it’s easy to point the finger at Always for being a bit of a romantic ‘cliché’, I can guarantee you will still be sobbing your eyes out like a newborn baby after watching this movie.

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