Newbie to Korean Films?

The international movie scene is expanding year on year, with many foreign films gaining huge popularity. Recently, the Korean film scene is garnering lots of attention all over the world, with major Korean Film Festivals happening annually in London, Melbourne and New York to name just a few. That’s why we think you should really watch a Korean film or two, if you haven’t already!

But what makes these films so different to your regular blockbusters at your local cinema? Well, we think it’s because they Korean film industry takes our typical genres – romance, thriller, action – and presents them in an unconventional way. This is what captivates the audience, as there really is no set formula for plot development unlike with many Hollywood films. East Asian films, particularly Korean ones, are extremely capable of making the audience feel deep emotions without the use of dialogue.

If you’ve never seen a Korean Film before, we recommend classics such as Rom-Com ‘My Sassy Girl’, touching family film ‘Miracle in Cell No. 7’ and recent horror movie ‘Train to Busan’. Sound interesting? Watch the trailers below!

My Sassy Girl:

Miracle in Cell No. 7:

Train to Busan:

Featured Image Source: 3.05.17, www.npr.org

The author: Natalie Mierswa

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