Alone (2015) REVIEW

Written and Directed by Park Hong Min박홍민; this indie movie focused on one character the entire film. Yet, the camera work and the constant wonder of what is a dream, and what is reality, kept us deeply intrigued.

Soo Min 수민 (Lee Ju Won 이주원), accidentally films and witnesses a crime scene, in which a woman is murdered by a group of masked men. He is then captured by them, and knocked over the head with a hammer. He is murdered and continuously comes back to life; and always wakes up in the same alleyway.

Soo Min수민 constantly battles with his mind, and re-lives moments of his past and present. But is it all a dream?

During the Q and A with the writer and director, we soon discover that he, himself was going through a hard time; and infiltrated his own hardships, thoughts and experiences into this move.

Park Hong Min 박홍민 explained that he became very close with the actor, and he (Lee Ju Won이주원) gave his heart to him; and accepted many of his requests, for the sake of the film.

The use of long takes in such a small space showed the character’s emotions; and the constant back tracking represented his feelings and contemplation.

Fun Facts

  • The character’s workspace actually belongs to the actor/director in real-life.
  • The town featured in the movie, was the town where the actor was born.
  • Murder was a metaphor for self-reflection.
  • The character’s own anxiety and guilt of past events makes him kill himself.

dsc_0391Our re-occurring question was if anyone actually died in this move? Hong Min’s홍민 answer was that “it all could have been a dream.”

We don’t want to give too much away!

So why not have a look at the trailer below?

Shari Coakley

Longing to travel, and document my experiences. A vast taste in music; always enthused by culture and people. Favourite city so far? Seoul...<3



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