Upcoming Drama List!

Since it’s the end of January, we’ve decided to do Upcoming Drama list!

Some of our favourite actors and actresses are back in more wonderful dramas! Here’s a shortlist of the upcoming dramas to be released in February that has got us ever so excited


1. Page turner – (페이지 터너) This a short and sweet story about discovering one’s self identity. Kim So Hyun plays the role of Yoo Seul a young pianist who is pressured by her mother. However, Yoo Seul has an accident which causes her to reevaluate her life with the help of her friend Jung cha-ski played by rookie actor Ji So and rival Jin Mook (Shin Jae Ha). A great coming of age story!


2. Descendants of the Sun (태양의 후혜)- Song Joong Ki is back! After completing his enlistment Joong Ki went straight to work to film his much anticipated new drama. The flower boy will play a UN peacekeeping troop leader who alongside his team is dispatched to a country named Uruk. Whilst on his mission to save the war-torn country, he meets his female counterpart played by Song Hye Kyo… Will they end up falling for one another in the face of a conflicted country?


3. Five children (아이가 다섯) – What happens when a single mother and single father fall in love? This is a heartwarming story starring Shim Yi Young, Shim Hyun Tak and Ahn Jae Wook! Get ready to sit down with the family and be throughly entertained!


Tell us which one you’re anticipating the most in the comments below!

Nabila Abib

An avid reader, constant day dreamer, and an occasional writer. If it’s Korean, I want to know about it! Walking K-film and K-drama dictionary. Has a soft spot for K-indie music.



  • wantastic90
    2 years ago

    Looking forward to Descendents!

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