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K-Drama OST Spotlight: February 2018

We’ve already taken a look at some of the great K-Drama’s that are out this month, but now it is time to put our attention to the music these dramas have brought us! So far the variety of songs is amazing, but there may be one or two dramas who are edging their way in front of the competition just a little bit. What does that mean? More excellent music for us to enjoy. ^-^

In no particular order here are some of the ones we are loving the most!


What an incredible song to start off this drama’s soundtrack! Not many people know much about SALTNPAPER so you may be surprised to hear this is actually MYK, who you would be more likely to know from his previous Hip Hop/Rap music! This new direction of music he is trying is pretty awesome if you ask us, and if this is the standard of quality for his new rock sound, all we can say is well-done sir, well-done!

Yuna Kim – To You (Mother OST)

Words aren’t enough to describe how amazing this song is! From the first few notes on the piano until the very last of the song fades away, we were completely captivated! Her voice is absolutely stunning and conveys the emotion so perfectly. This has definitely peaked our interest in this drama!

Ben – If You Are Destined (A Korean Odyssey OST)

Ben is simply enchanting, you can’t help but fall in love every time she sings! Her voice perfectly lends itself to this kind of song, the emotion she brings mixed with the surprising power of her vocals is completely scintillating. If you don’t know who this girl is, we highly recommend checking out some of her other songs…let us know if you need any suggestions!

임영묵 – WE WILL BE STARS (Short OST)

The tone of this song seems to perfectly fit with all the success Korea has had in the short-track speed-skating so far this Winter Olympics! Beyond which it is just a great song anyway! For the most part, the OST songs that are celebrated the most are either ballads or rock songs, so it is nice to have a pop song of this quality in the mix every now and then.

LeeSA – Always You (A Korean Odyssey OST)

LeeSA has been doing a lot more OSTs lately and we are loving all of them! There are songs that really stick with you long after a drama is over, and I think we can say with all confidence this is definitely going to be one of those songs! The way the upbeat tempo moves back to a mid-tempo as the song ends with the line “Always You” over the piano gave us goosebumps!

Samuel – Thousand Times (CROSS OST)

We have been following and supporting Samuel’s career for a long time, and it makes us so happy to see him getting more exposure in the Korean Entertainment Industry! This song is amazing and showcases just how talented this kid truly is! This one is already stuck in our heads and we are happy to let it stay there for as long as it wants!

Lee Seung-Chul – Painful Love (Misty OST)

Lee Seung-Chul is an absolute legend and if you don’t know who he is, we prescribe an immediate google of him to remedy that! Personally, we love it when cultures are mixed together in music, so the combination of Lee Seung-Chul’s voice and the Korean language mixed with the Latin feel to this song had us in audible heaven from start to finish!

Han Dong-Geun – Come With Me (Mother OST)

This song is so beautiful and emotional. It’s hard to picture anyone else capable of singing this the way Han Dong-Geun does, this man’s voice deserves to be named a national treasure! With how good all the music from this drama has been so far we are definitely going to have to watch it! Anyone here started watching Mother yet? Let us know what you think!

Hwang Chi-Yeul – Someday, Like a Miracle (A Korean Odyssey OST)

Where to start with this masterpiece? First of all, if you are wondering why this name seems familiar and can’t quite put your finger on where you have heard it before, Hwang Chi-Yeul is a host on the show Immortal Songs 2 and also appeared as a guest coach on the Uni+. This song is just bursting with so much emotion and power. we can’t stop listening to it! Thank you Mister Hwang Chi-Yeul, we will make sure to treasure this gift of a song you have given us!

Gonne Choi – Childhood (CROSS OST)

This song is so unique and beautiful! While listening, the ethereal tones give you the feeling you are listening to a dream or set adrift upon a vast ocean in space…sound crazy? Well give it a listen and you will know what we mean! The soundtrack for this drama has been incredible so far and we are super excited to see what else is to come from this show. ^-^

Want more great K-drama songs?

Here is a list of a few more songs we recommend you check out from this month!

What do you think of our picks? Think we missed any that should be here? Have any questions for us regarding this article? Make sure to let us know!

Featured Image Source: © Go Go Waikiki Shooting Scene, JTBC Korea, 22.02.2018,

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