The Korean Wave has been accelerating in the UK and worldwide since quite a few years back! Here’s a list of the BIGGEST INTERNATIONAL KPOP moments!

Hallyu [Hal-lyu]

1. Literally meaning “flow of Korea,” ”Korean wave,” or “Korean fever,” referring to the phenomenon of South Korean entertainment and culture growing in popularity of around the world in the last ten years.

J Y J   &   K A N Y E   W E S T   2 0 1 0

Lead single ‘Ayy Girl’ involves Kanye West’s vocals and production for their first English-only album.

S H I N E E   I N    L O N D O N   2 0 1 1

“The tickets for SHINee’s opening gala concert in London sold faster than tickets for the ‘Harry Potter’ films.”

V A N E S S A   W H I T E   2 0 1 1

The Saturday’s Vanessa White said, “2NE1 have too much swag!”

B I G   B A N G   W O N   M T V   E M A ‘ S   2 0 1 1

‘Best Worldwide Act’ and has sold out every show in every country they have visited.

P S Y   G A N G N A M   S T Y L E   2 0 1 2

Recognised in the Guinness World Records as the ‘Most Liked Video’ in YouTube history.

M B C   L O N D O N   C O N C E R T  2 0 1 2

Featuring 4Minute, EXO-K, Norazo and cultural performances at Indigo2.

T H E   W A N T E D   &   S N S D   2 0 1 2

The Wanted posed for a photo with SNSD and mentioned wanting to collab with Super Junior

L O R D E   L O V E S   L E E   H I   2 0 1 3

Lorde wants to collab with Lee Hi

G – D R A G O N & M I S S Y   E L L I O T T   2 0 1 3

Performed their hit collab song ‘Niliria’ at KCON.

L A D Y   G A G A   &   C R A Y O N   P O P   2 0 1 4

Opening act for Lady Gaga were non other than Crayon Pop! Lady Gaga “How can I not help, but like them!

L A D Y   G A G A   T U R N S   U P   A T   S X S W  F E S T I V A L   2 0 1 4

Lady Gaga in the crowd where Jay Park and Hyuna performed at the SXSW set in Texas.

E M M A   S T O N E   2 0 1 5

“What is your latest obsession? – Kpop”

I N F I N I T E   L O N D O N   C O N C E R T   2 0 1 5

First group to return to the U.K. again after packing out the concert hall in 2013.

2 N E 1   &   W I L L . I . A M   &   I N T E L

Collab song ‘Take On The World’ used in promo vids for Intel.

T – A R A   O P E N E D   F O R   C H R I S   B R O W N   &   W I Z   K H A L I F A

Collab remix of T-ara’s single ‘Countryside Life’.

J A Y   P A R K   &   T E D D Y   R I L E Y

Jay Park’s song, ‘Demon’ was produced by Michael Jackson’s record producer, Teddy Riley.

A M E R I E   L O V E S   K P O P

Amerie is a fan of all things Kpop! “I’ve listened to every song on BEAST’s album”

T H E   W A N T E D ‘ S   J A Y   S I N G S   2 N E 1

Jay has been spotted singing ‘I Am The Best’ by 2NE1 and has even been spotted wearing an ‘I Love 2NE1’ tshirt!

Are there any other moments you can recall?



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