troublemaker ceci

There’s only one thing better than watching your favourite artist perform – watching two of your favourite artists collaborate! Whether it’s featuring on another idol’s song, or performing together at a showcase, we love when idols from different groups or even companies work together. Here’s a list of some of our favourite collaborations – some […]



This time, the K-SPOTLIGHT falls on talented solo artist Car, the Garden (카더가든)! A fairly recent discovery for us, this singer-songwriter has already released several singles, all which have left us suitably impressed. There is something very exciting about this artist and his music. With every release, he demonstrates something new. Every track is very […]



With Cook Korean!, Robin Ha has produced an incredibly charming and unique cookbook, bright and vivid illustrations breaking down each step of the recipe, and the ever so delightful narrator Dengki talking you through the book really setting Robin Ha’s cookbook apart. Each chapter includes personal anecdotes ad cultural insights, so you can learn more […]



With the final episode of historical K-Drama ‘Hwarang’ having aired last month, you might be looking for something similar to watch. Well instead of a drama, how about a movie? Recently, we watched ‘Seondal: The Man Who Sells A River, a movie based on folktale ‘Bongyi Kim Seondal’. With a stellar cast, including EXO’s Xiumin, […]


the korean table

Have you ever thought to try your hand at cooking Korean dishes, but feel daunted about where to start? With ‘The Korean Table: From Barbecue to Bibimbap’ cookbook, you will have a useful guide to the basics of Korean cookery, with one part consisting of traditional recipes and the other being a contemporary take on […]