With back to school season fully underway, both in South Korea and in many other countries around the world, we thought it would be fun to see what new school supplies Korean students will be buying. Some will be expected, others might be a complete surprise!


square one

Step aside 2ne1! YG Entertainment’s new girl group Blackpink has made their debut and it’s caused quite a storm across social media. Their single album Square One has already nabbed the number one spot on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart, a feat no other girl group except Fifth Harmony has achieved. This week we have decided to review Whistle, which has already amassed over four million views!



S E S A M E   C R A C K E R S

We’ve popped in a bag of these sesame cracker sticks, we know they’re rather more-ish that’s why we included a big pack! They are lightly coated with the star ingredient – honey!

H O N E Y   A L M O N D   C R A C K E R S

The honey trend started a year ago and it is still going strong! Blending the taste of sweet honey and nutty almonds perfectly – you’ll be yearning for more of these delicious more-ish crackers!

“Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Shortening, Almond, Palm Oil, Dextrin, Margarine, Peanut Butter, Egg, Roasted Sesame, Milk, Yeast, Cereal, Enzyme, Preservative (E222), Salt, Sugar”



If you were lucky enough to attend KCON LA, NY, or Paris, then we can (only) imagine, that you had the time of your life! K-Pop fans know the struggle of their country not actually being a part of the world, especially when there is a “World Tour”, and your continent/country isn’t a part of it!


Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 21.15.11

As many of you know our Inspire Me Korea monthly magazines, jam-packed with the latest trends, entertainment, reviews, recipes etc, are available for pick up for free at various locations in London and of course in your boxes if you are a subscriber. Now, due to popular demand – they are now also available digitally! Our newest issues will be available online here on our blog as soon as they come out.

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All mine

Last week the song All Mine which starred the lovely ladies of f(x) was released as part of SM Station. This project was launched by SM Entertainment in February this year, with the idea of releasing a new single each week. From solos by SM artists such as Taeyeon’s Rain to collaborations with non-SM artists like Lil’ Something which featured Chen and Heize, the concept of showcasing musical talents is a great success so far and we can’t wait to hear the upcoming singles!




Love bibimbap and pajeon as much as we do? Fancy taking your friends out for a delicious meal on the town? Then enter our competition to be in with a chance of winning a Korean meal at high end Korean restaurant Superstar BBQ in the heart of the West End in London! You and three of your friends will feast on great tasting and high quality Korean cuisine for dinner of up to £150 with the first round of drinks complimentary!



IMK Rating: ★★★
Not everything is set out as it seems, especially when it comes to money. Sung Yeol (Yoo Yeon Seok) makes an offer Ji Yeon (Lim Soo Jung) cannot refuse.
The story begins with Ji Yeo; a timid but beautiful woman who has ended up being left with a huge debt in Macao. She is constantly being hounded for money that she simply does not have. However her life is turned upside down when a handsome businessmen offers to help. His quick thinking and smart plans excite Ji Yeon and makes her trust him even more. His handsome looks and charms make her think that everything is as smooth sailing as it really should be. But it simply isn’t. Lee Kyoung Young plays a crazy money driven maniac called Kim Seok Koo. The game is simple. Don’t let Seok Koo know that you don’t actually love him. Ji yeon plays the ‘Damsel in Distress’ well and knows that she just needs to keep calm and things will fall into place. Well almost.


Are you a K-Pop addict and dream of the day you can understand all of the lyrics to your favourite songs? Perhaps you’re a Korean drama lover and can’t wait to one day watch an episode without the aid of English subtitles. Or maybe you have a trip to the country planned and don’t wish to rely on just smiling and nodding when a native sparks up a conversation with you. Whatever your reason is for wanting to learn the beautiful language of Korea, Teach Me Korean has you covered.