With autumn officially upon us, the cold weather can easily make you feel blue but don’t worry! I.O.I’s comeback track and MV ‘Very Very Very’ is perfect for keeping spirits up!

Earlier this year, the 11 member girl group was formed through the reality show Produce 101. As the title suggests, the public ‘created’ their own K-Pop group. The favourite members from a pool of 101 trainees from various entertainment companies received votes. The new girl group only performs together for less than a year, with the purpose of giving each of the girls exposure and experience as an idol. Unfortunately, it is likely I.O.I will disband in January 2017 which makes this their last comeback together as a unit.



Kim Jang (김장) is the process of making Kimchi which is usually made before the winter – so normally in November. After Kim Jang 김장 Koreans need to place them in a jar to ferment. In the old days, traditionally Kimchi 김치 is placed in huge jars to keep it cool and fresh. After a few month or years Kimchi is fermented inside the huge pot which is called Jang Dok Dae (장독대). 장독대(pot) has loads of tiny holes on the surface which allows air flow in and out of the pot which means it is able to ‘breathe’ by itself! In the end 김치 will be fermented very well.




The 1st London East Asian Film Festival takes place this year from Thursday 20th October, until Sunday 30th October!

Expect to see some of the best East Asian films over the course of the 11 days, starting at the ODEON Cinema in Leicester Square.

The festival will play host to a number of feature films that include UK and European premieres.

The LEAFF aims to knock down cultural and cinematic borders, by showcasing East Asian culture in the UK.

Screenings will be supplemented  by guest appearances by filmmakers, actors, critics and academics who will partake in Q&A sessions, so  if East Asian movies are your forte, then this is your chance to take part, and get involved!

Tickets are available now, and can be purchased here.

We hope to see you there!



Hello readers!

This week’s artist recommendation is OOHYO, an indie artist specialising in synth pop. She sings in both English and Korean, and writes her own music. At present, she has two singles (‘Youth’ and ‘Friday’) and two albums released (‘Girl Sense’ which is an EP album and ‘Adventure’ which is her first full length album).



As the amber leaves fall from the trees, it’s safe to say that summer is over. But don’t worry! Many popular idol groups such as SHINee, TWICE and Monsta X are set to have their comeback this autumn. We’ll be reviewing GOT7’s fiery comeback track ‘Hard Carry’ this week, the second part of their ‘Flight Log’ series!



From the balmy weather to the abundance of festivals taking place all over the country, we think that autumn is the best time to visit South Korea. If you’re interested in a getaway to this unique country this season, or at any other time in the year, then why not go off the beaten track? To save you hours of searching for things to do, we’ve come up with a list of places to go which you may not have even thought of!



If you haven’t already seen from the pictures we’ve been posting this week, we’ve had another Inspire Me Korea meet up! This time however, we teamed up with ‘AskCulture’ at the Royal college of Art to celebrate Chuseok. The day was filled with laughter, joy, fierce competitions, raffle prizes and personalised Korean calligraphy name!


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September is here and so is Chuseok – the celebration of thanksgiving and harvest for Koreans!

So it’s no surprise that we’ve themed our September box: the CHUSEOK box – bursting with Korean snacks, beauty and culture products that all relate to the month of celebrating this huge Korean festival! So what kind of surprises will you find in your box this month? Find out below…

For more information on how Chuseok is celebrated, why not read our monthly magazine September issue which explains all about the history and traditions of Chuseok? This is available digitally and in print in your boxes this month so look out for it!

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IMK x Whamisa Beauty Box Image FB Timeline crop

We all know that Korean beauty products are at the height of a phenomena right now, seen as innovative and revolutionary, shaking up the beauty world both East and West. Well, we want to bring these products to you.

Introducing the Inspire Me Korea BEAUTY BOX: specially curated best-selling Korean beauty products to revolutionise your beauty and skincare routine, delivered straight to your door! Want to know what’s inside? We have partnered EXCLUSIVELY with Whamisa, an organic Korean beauty brand to bring you luxury, award-winning Korean beauty products unlike any other, worth over £45 for only £24.99.


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August 19th marked K-Pop sensation BIGBANG’s 10 year anniversary, a feat that few idol groups have achieved. To celebrate this milestone many fans of this popular boygroup (known as VIPs) staged various flashmobs in big cities across Europe, where they all danced to the band’s hit song BANG BANG BANG. We think they did a great job and we hope that the 5 member group will appreciate it!